Why Compromise Your Model When You Can Custom Model Decal It?

I wondered what competition we had and to what quality they are producing decals for models. I purchased a set of lining decals by a well-established decal supplier. They appeared to have been produced using screen printing. Unfortunately you can see the quality control they employ in the following image.

Decal Quality Comparison
Decal Quality Comparison

It is obvious that even their 1mm wide lining decals bear no relation in quality to the 0.5mm wide lining we do, even when ours is blown up to the same size of our competitor’s product. Their decals appear to suffer from a misalignment of their silk screens causing a variable placement of the black on the yellow.

As you can see for the Custom Model Decals 0.5mm lining, we are able to achieve reliable lining of 0.125mm black, 0.25mm yellow & 0.125mm black, or any colour combinations you wish, including that elusive white.

Why compromise your model when you can Custom Model Decal it!