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Custom Model Decals

Customised Waterslide Decals Just For Your Project

Custom Model Decals

Founded by Andrew Jeffcock in 2020 Custom Model Decals provides you with the opportunity to have waterslide decals made for your models, rather than relying on expensive general decal sheets which have wasted decal on them.

We can print full CMYK colour, INCLUDING WHITE,  in ultra high definitiononto our blue-backed waterslide decal paper in sizes including A4, A5, A6 & A7 using our state-of-the-art UV printer.

You can either ask us to produce the image for you (for an extra design fee), provide your own high definition images in Photoshop PSD, PNG or buy from our range of pre-prepared decals.

Professional Services

We offer a variety of professional services that help you achieve your required decals.

Full Design Services

This is our top line service. Acting on your instructions we shall produce waterslide decals to your exact specification. Font, size, colours are all at your command. We have a minimum £20 per original page design fee but we shall keep  your designs so that they can be replicated at our normal ‘image provided artwork’ print fee.

Print Ready Artwork

If you provide print ready artwork in PhotoShop PSD, PNG or JPG formats, for your decal sheet then there will be a £5 set-up fee to enable us to format to print the image on our printer. We shall keep the print-ready image for future use and extra copies will just incur our normal printing charge.

Ready For Sale Sheets

It is our intention to produce and stock a select range of decal sheets that will be of use for various modellers. These prints will be priced individually and will be usually avaiable at short notice.