New ‘Film-free” decals

We have now tested our new ‘film-free’ decals system which uses a sub-40 micron layer of varnish under the ink layers to provide support and registration of text etc. This produces decals similar to commercial kits so that you don’t have to accurately cut the sheet to minimise the amount of decal film on your model.

H0e 1/87 scale model wagon ‘film-less’ decals onto matte paint

The decals are applied using a decal fixative such as Vallejo Decalfix or Humbrol Decal Fix to enhance adhesion before being varnished. We now can produce readable lettering down to 0.4 mm in height on easy to apply decals.

1/43 scale ‘film-less’ decals for a Morris Minor van commissioned by a customer
Bespoke 7mm scale wagon ‘film-less’ decals for a client

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